Trip to Golden Lake

Sunday started with a nice dawn. On my way to Leopolds RV, where we had breakfast, I made a few photos:

Breakfast, packing, and off we went, away from that camp ground. On our way we passed Lake Mink, that had a nice colour shading:

In Golden Lake Campground we didn’t find a Cabin, they rent out only for two or more nights. But we found a nice Cabin at the neighbour’s (Mountainview Cottage Resort), all new, well equipped:

Originally we wantwd to stay only for one night. But the place is so beaouiful, we are thinking about staying one more night. Maybe we try some fishing tomorrow – for the first time in our lifes. The owners are very friendly and helpful. Maybe they help us with our first fishing experiences, too. This area apparently is a fishing paradise.

A Day in Ottawa

On Friday we checked into a Camp ground near Ottawa. I took a cabin again. What a surprise – there was only beds for five people, a table, five chairs, a fridge and a microwave. No heating, no toilet or bathroom, no kitchen, no dishes, no blankets. It was a cold night, around zero centigrades, 32°F.

The weather forcast for the next day was promising and so we decided to do sightseeing in Downtown Ottawa. We booked an Uber ride – our first Uber experience. Registering outside the home country is a challenge, but we managed to overcome the hurdles. The WiFi was instable, so it took quite a while to manage our order.

The pickup next morning was in time, the ride to the center fast and soon we left the car in front of the parliament.



Our tour started from the parliament clockwise to Pont du Portage into Gatineau in Quebec, on thie other side of the river Ottawa, and along the river to Alexandra Bridge back to  Ottawa. It was impressive to see the parliament hill from different sides.

Another remarkable attraction is the seven phase watergate stairway vrom river Ottava up to Rideau Canal.

Here are some more impressions of Ottawa:

Bad Weather Day

The forecast was right, the weather turned to the worse. So we planned for a longer trip. Since 11h it was raining, since 2 p.m. rain became hard. In the last 100 miles, sun came through. Our trip led ud to Montreal and on to Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, heading for the local Camping ground. There we rent a Chalet.

The second Evening: Saint-Tite-des-Caps

At a quarter past five p.m. I went on to my hotel for tonight. I easily came out of Quebec and went about 50 Km along the north side of St. Lawrence River, and enjoyed driving the Mustang.

Past 6 I found the Auberge du Sportif. I was the only guest at that time of the season.

I will spend the evening with my PC. The plan is to provide English translations for my blog.

At the moment I am sitting in Resto Entree deux Monts with a glass of red beer waiting for my fried hake.

Whale Watching

Sunday noon we were on a whale wathing tour. It was a fascinating experience with many pictures and video scenes.


Thereafter we left Tadoussac for Saint Simeon heading to Camping Famille Morin. From Tadoussac we had to cross Saguenay River by ferry (free of charge). On the photo I am about to leave the ship.

It took about 30 Km to reach our destination.

Checked in

I am sitting in the transit area of the vienna Airport waiting for boarding. Online booking (months ago), check in (yesterday) and baggage tags, all could be done without human interaction. Just when I put my luggare on the conveyor belt, the system called for staff – but only because i was flying to Canada. Even Passport Control was entirely machine-based.

Does anyone have an explanation for  the Following:

Leopold, who flew to Canada two weeks ago told me, that at the RV rental they didn’t accept me as second driver: I would have to show up myself with my original documents. But they only have five offices in the entire Canada. So I would have to travel at least fivehundread kilometres forth and back. Nobody had an explanation why the second driver needs to show um and why they don’t offer alternative ways of authentication.

So I can’t assist Leopold with driving.