The first Day

I arrived in montreal in time, the flight was smooth and conveniant.

The streets still were wet from rain, but it was warm and dry. I got my car immediately. As I have ordered GPS, tey upgraded me to a Mustang, without additional charges.

Trying to do some sightseeing im Montreal ended in three hours of traffic jamming through construction works and detours, so I decided to skip that, and I went on heading for Quebec. It turned out to be difficult finding a hotel on my way to Quebec. It was the end of the day and soon daylight was gone. Finaly I found the Days Inn not far from Quebec. Only after 9 p.m. I managed to go for dinner, and the only place still open was Mac Donalds.

After te meal I had a beer in a bar, and back in the hotel I fell into my bed, as I was up vor more than 22 hours already.

Danach noch ein Bier und ab ins Bett, ich war ja schon 22h auf den Beinen.

The photo shows me this morning in front of my car and the hotel.

Today I want to do sightseeing in Quebec. I have allready booked for tonight in Auberge du sportif, 274 Route 138, G0A 4J0 Saint-Tite-des-Caps. Tomorrow, i will go on to Tadoussac, to meet Leopold and Mariella. They have already booked a whale watching tour on sunday for all of us.

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